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My photographs are a collage of encounters in the world and my mind. In my search for wholeness, I am constantly attempting to find a space where both realities intersect and become one and the same. It is about making sense of these seemingly disparate images as the mind does in a dream. I find passion and inspiration in the whole process and in discovering beauty in the every day.



Kris LeBoeuf is a beauty and editorial photographer currently living in Portland, Oregon. Originally from Manila, home will always be a city on an island surrounded by the sea. She co-owns a portrait & wedding photography business called, WeRomantics with her husband, Dakota LeBoeuf and regularly blogs her collaborations with Nicole LeBoeuf on SomethingKindred. She also loves to travel, dabble in design and photograph interesting spaces.

She graduated from The Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2010 where she had the privilege to study under Artist-In-Residence, Gregory Heisler. She was part of the top ten percent of her class and received the Portfolio of Excellence award. She was based in New York City for several years where she worked for and was mentored by world-renowned dance photographer, Lois Greenfield.

For job inquiries or collaborations, please contact her at kris@krisatendido.com